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AMPERIA - is the STEM product which is covering all the REAL-WORLD LAB EXPERIMENTS for Electricity & Magnetism
Here is why AMPERIA - bridging the gap between Physics theory and the joy of playing!

Easy, Mobile & safe
Amperia is Easy, Mobile & safe to use for any Grade/Year level starting from Primary School. The kit includes a power supply with a rechargeable built-in battery, so no external power source is needed. Labs and demonstrations can be done anywhere, even outside. Students are also safe from contact with dangerous electricity sources.
Cost-effective & Smart
Our AMPERIA KIT can be used for all kinds of electrical & magnetic real-world experiments, it also can be connected by WIFI to the computer or any mobile device for monitoring and analyzing real live data during Electrical experiments.
Mobile & Compact
Easily attachable components similar to building blocks on a field along with these intuitive magnetic connectors - which are fast, easy, and reliable, enabling students to work more efficiently and spend more time analyzing, experimenting, and drawing conclusions in the classroom.
Teachers supplies
Teachers supplied with full components chart & user manual. The Amperia kit includes a Teacher Guide & Student Lab Manual that contain a complete description of the lab along with the relevant theory. The Guides include interesting optional experiments. The formats are easy to understand for the teachers and students
Intuitive usability
All elements and pieces are designed intuitively for children. The connections and elements are all external to demonstrate to children how all components work.
Why choose AMPERIA for Science class
Using our set, you can execute most of school lab works & demonstrations on the course of electricity and magnetism . All elements are easily combined with existing school lab equipment. Only time, fantasy and knowledge limit the range of demonstrations and labs that can be performed with Amperia.

Power supply
Constant DC voltage source (0-5V) and variable frequency (0-3V). Built in overload and short-circuit protection. Easy to use with a dial control and easy-to-read display. WiFi access to real-time voltage & current values.
28 component blocks
Switch, lamps, resistors, capacitors, coils, transformers, LEDs, photo resistor, Zener diode, rectifying diode, thermistor, etc. are installed on easy-to-connect and difficult-to-lose bases. The blocks are easy to handle, connect. Their size and storage make for quick pre-lab and post-lab inventorying.

Magnetic contacts & Multimiter
The Magnet-to-Magnet and Magnet-to-Clip connectors are easy to use and, with the component blocks, allow fast lab setups. Multimeter measures voltage, current, resistance. DC and AC. Easy-to-read display. WiFi access to real-time voltage & current values.

Teacher's life easier
AMPERIA KIT is a STEM product which is making Teacher's life easier! All the Experiments for SCIENCE lesson which are related to Electricity & Magnetism can be done with our KIT effectively, effortlessly, and safely)
The best product can be done only with the best and motivated team.
Meet our international team
We are inspired to develop excellent Educational solutions to provide the best equipment for institutions to make our teachers live easier & students learning engaging
Andriy Tabachyn
C.E.O. (Co-Founder)
Andriy invented our EdPro company. He is the super start in the IT sector since he started his career in EPAM - 20 years back. Then he started developing succesfull Educational software & hardware. That is how his second company - EdPro became the leading educational consultancy in Ukraine. He has founded the first core members of our team and helped them to show their unique talents in the work process.
Yuriy Tabachyn
Director (Co-Founder)
Yura takes care of everything you can see. He is director of logistic department and chief lawyer of our company, as our company developing Educational hardware & software solutions - he is taking care of all the legal agreements & international shipments,
Marsel Dzharkas
Development Manager Middle East & USA
Marsel recently joined our team - he was working as an Educational Consultant in Dubai, UAE for 7 years & he had traveled all over Middle East counties to demonstrate & implement Educational software & hardware around GCC institutions. He is developing our products and taking them to International educational market.
AMPERIA KIT is a cost-effective & Smart STEM product that can be used for all kinds of electrical & magnetic real-world lab experiments. This is an Easy, Mobile & Safe way to bridge the gap between Physics theory and the joy of playing!

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AMPERIA lab experiments
AMPERIA KIT is a cost-effective & Smart STEM product that can be used for all kinds of electrical & magnetic real-world lab experiments. This is an Easy, Mobile & Safe way to bridge the gap
between Physics theory and the joy of playing!
High quality components
The AMPERIA kit provides all laboratory and most demonstration work on the school course in electricity and magnetism. Carrying out laboratory works is an influential element of the educational process because without practical testing it is impossible to master theoretical knowledge. With the help of our set, you can perform 100% of the laboratory work of the school program in the course of electricity and magnetism.
Usability & multi-optionality
The design of blocks and contacts is intuitive & easy for students' usage.
All AMPERIA elements and connections are pinpoint outside the blocks, which clearly shows students the work of all components and does not hide anything.
Laboratory multimeter & values via Wi-F
It can work in the modes of measuring current and voltage of direct or alternating current, as well as measuring resistance. The indication of the operating mode in the device is carried out through the contrast OLED display.
Provides access to measured values via Wi-Fi, when you connect your device to AMPERIA via it IP.adress
The autonomy of the living unit
AMPERIA KIT - does not need any power supply. The kit includes a living unit, which has a built-in battery.
This solution allows you to conduct laboratories in any room, saves on expensive repairs, and ensures safety. The battery is enough for at least four laboratory works, and charging is via USB for one hour.
Magnetic contacts
Two types of contacts: magnet to magnet, and magnet to Crocodile Clip (clasp with serrated interlocking edges used for making electrical connections). Provide the ability to create circuits from elements and external components.
Efficiency & Manual
Complete a manual with a description of additional practices and research recommendations. The material is delivered clearly by hand and intelligently for teachers and academics.
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The most advanced STEM product for Science classes, specifically for Electrical & Magnetism Experiments
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